Motorbike Rental

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Motorbike Rental

Scooter rental in Preveza Airport 

Scooter rental in Preveza Airport (50cc)

1 Person, 50cc,
Automatic Scooter
Low Season 10€ high Season 16€ per day
Box available on request
Rent a Scooter in Preveza Airport 

Rent a Scooter in Preveza Airport (80cc)

2 Persons
80cc - Automatic Scooters
Low Season 12€ high Season 18€ per day
Box on Request
Motorbikes rentals in Preveza Airport 

Motorbikes rentals Preveza Airport 125cc

2 Persons
125cc - Automatic Scooters
Low Season 14€ - High Season 20€
Box Available on Request
Motor rentals in Preveza Airport 

Motor rentals in Preveza Airport (200cc)

2 Persons
Low Season 17€ - High Season 29€ per day
Box Included
Mega-scooters rental in Preveza Airport 

Mega-scooters rental in Preveza Airport (300cc)

2 Persons
300cc - Automatic Scooters
Low Season 25€ - High Season 40€
Box Included

Motorbikes Scooters in Preveza Airport

Motorbikes Scooters in Preveza Airport. Dear Visitor first of all,