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Car hire aktion airport

Car rental Lefkada | Best special offers

Find cheap car rental, free delivery all around.

Car Rental Lefkada is easier than ever with PVK services. PVK operate since 2020 at Preveza Airport, Lefkada, Nidri, and Nikiana as well. We deliver free at all locations of the island. We offer all-inclusive deals and cheap rentals to book without a credit card. Driver’s age’s from 30 years old, till maximum 68 years old can, Free covered by our insurance policy. The only you need for the rental is your ID or Passport. In a few words, you will need those papers for the rental car insurance.

What I will need 

  • Driving license.
  • ID or Passport.
  • Credit card or Debit card as well or cash.
  • The minimum driver age is 30 and the maximum is 65 years old. (other ages is needed to pay an extra 5€ per day or 9€ at the high season)

Where I pick up my rental car & drop it off: 

  • First of all, free at any hotel – the delivery is free for the minimum rental of 4 days.
  • Second, at our pather offices Nidri, town, marina, Port as well.
  • Thirdly: Bus station
  • The delivery at the villas of Lefkada and, specialty far distances from the main touristic villages. Now can be done with a small extra cost (the cost of petrol).

Can I drop off my rental car in another location:

Yes, if you have agreed on the location you would like to leave us the rental car, but not out of the state of Preveza or Lefkada.

10 Cheap offers for 2022 to book and relax!

  1. Motorbikes, Sym, Honda or Yamaha 50cc till 80cc cost 9.90€/d.
  2. Scooters, Sym etc 125cc – 150cc cost 12.90€.
  3. Big Scooter like 200cc – 300cc cost 19.90€.
  4. Motorcycles like 500c 49€ per day
  5. Fiat Panda, Toyota Augo, Nissan Micra, WV Up, Skoda City Go!. Is the cheapest with a daily cost of 19.90€. The extra insurance that covered everything cost 6.90€ per day.
  6. Toyota Yaris, Skoda Fabia, Fiat Tipo HB is economy and cost 24.90€ per day. The extra cover is 9.50€ per day.
  7. Family rental types as Corolla, Golf, Tipo sedan, only 29.90€ with the basic insurance.
  8. Automatics cars. WV Polo, Kia Stonic with 39.90€ is the new model of 2021.
  9. Jeeps & SUV’S rental, Jeep Renegade, T-Cross, daily 59.90€
  10. 7 and 9 seat minibusses cost 85€/day plus a small cost of 12€ if you would like full insurance.

-However, the most important is to book early by e-mail or by phone and you will have a 30% discount. Also, we can offer you 100% full insurance. As a result, you will get the best price all included for car rental in Lefkada.

For example Book 2 months before your arrival and you will save 10%.

Discount & big savings if you book early

  •  First of all, 10% for the customers booking at least a month before.
  • Second, 10% for the rentals 7 days and more.
  • Third: 10% for drivers from 38 till 60 years old.
  • forty and last 10% from all the family rentals.

As a result, we can save you 30%.

In conclusion, Book as soon as possible & we will offer you the best price.





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